About Us

Angel Douceur Investment is a sub arm of Angel Douceur Global Limited RC 1456685 involved in helping individuals reach their full potential in achieving financial breakthrough. Our investment growth is more than just financial. At Angel Douceur Investment, we are committed to working with our investors; creating a channel to earn from Real Estate Commissions. We know everyone want to earn from real estate; development sales, rents etc. But the financial capability is not there.

We sell properties at Angel Douceur; giving our investors a very high return on their investment e.g invest 100,000 Naira & you reap 250,000 Naira within a space of 10 months. Join us today & be part of our movement in ending poverty across our continents.

Generating Returns

Angel Douceur Investment was founded after over 6 years of working in the Real Estate sector. We seek to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors across cycles. Our efforts result in solid returns for investors and strong economic cash-flows for investors. Angel Douceur target sales portfolio includes; lands, residential properties, office, retail, hotel, industrial and residential properties. We offer as high as 150% interest rate to investors within a space of 10 months.

To be part of this.. You’re to invest with us & send us your details via our e-form then you qualify instantly for 10 months earnings!

On registration you get a virtual card.. In which you present to our online investment platform at the end of every month.. Then you get your earnings sent directly to your bank account.

Angel Douceur Investment is a peaceful & luxury way to earn a living through real estate. This is not networking as you’re not required to refer.