Investing with us brings about a great deal of satisfaction as we pay returns ranging from 20% to 39% within a period of 5 to 10 months!

Way bigger than most financial instruments out there.

We trade in multiple flows of businesses ranging from Real Estate, food business, general merchandise, Agriculture etc.

We share profits with investors!.


We strive on becoming trusted partners to many of the world’s top institutional and individual investors, including retirement systems which represent pensioners in Africa and millions upon millions more internationally.

As cautious custodian of capital, we strive to provide solutions that create lasting value for our investors on every level, the companies and sectors in which we invest and communities at large.

We aim to make our investors stronger and better positioned for long-term growth & secure the future of millions of people worldwide.


Angel Douceur returns are very competitive as we offer as high as from 20% to 39% returns.

Angel Douceur’s goal is to deliver enhanced returns through a rigorous application of our intellectual and financial capital. All of our businesses reflect our corporate’s strong culture, commitment to inflexible integrity & excellent performance.

Our investment strategies are custom-tailored to clients’ specific needs. This approach will bring about a high level of client satisfaction.

We have Investment Packages from 5000 Naira {$15} to 5,000,000 Naira {$14,000}.


We have three types of Douceur Accounts:

MonthPay, HalfInterest, WholePay.

We currently run 10 investment plans with different payout methods.

The Douceur MonthPay Account: is a fully secured investment channel in which any investment you make will be returned back in parts every month for 5 months to 10 months. With an increased return of 20% to 29%.

Example: This is where you invest to get your earnings monthly from 5-10months. E.g. If Mr. Joseph invests 1,000,000 Naira then he earns 127,000 Naira every month for 10 months totaling 1,270,000 Naira at the end of the 10 months. With 27% interest rate of 270,000 Naira addition to the 1,000,000 Naira investment plan.

The packages allowed on this Douceur MonthPay Account are all 10 of our investment plans.

The Douceur HalfInterest Account: is a platinum account only available to five (5) investment plan.

With this account you get 5% on your total earnings at the end of every 5 month. E.g. If Mr. Festus invests 1,000,000 Naira then he earns at the end of every fifth month, meaning he earns only twice but he gets more interest unlike Mr. Joseph from MonthPay who only earns a total of 1,270,000 Naira but Mr. Festus earns a total of 1,330,000 Naira {that’s 665,000 every fifth month, twice}. Additional 50,000 Naira.

The Douceur WholePay Account: This account is our most earning account available to all packages.

Any investment you make will be returned back on the 5th or 10th month. With an increased return of 25% to 39%.

This account pays the most interest as you get between 5% to 10% more interest on your total earning payable at the end of the 5th or 10th month. E.g. If Mr. Israel invests 1,000,000 Naira then he earns at the end of the reaping period {5th or 10th Month}, meaning he earns only once but he gets more interest than both Mr. Joseph & Mr. Festus because Israel earns a total of 1,370,000 Naira {100,000 Naira additional}.

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