Ever wondered how far Real Estate earning can stretch to? Well a very long way as far as strategy is concerned 😊.

We at Angel Douceur Global Limited have added a smooth & very impressive way to make money online this year (2019) & many more years to come.

We are very committed to our main mandate; which is to give virtually every ready persons an opportunity to wave penury/poverty goodbye. Heading to the best financial future that Hard-work & Smart work can take us all together.

Get an opportunity of earning from 5000 Naira to over 40,000 monthly from the comfort of your home.

Now a lot of you may be asking what are/is the main aim(s) of this online program that we offer to the public, well there are two huge reasons aside from other tiddly grounds.

Douceur Marketplace Aim

1: To cover more grounds on fulfilling our mandate of eradicating poverty from as much lives as possible.

2. To create & establish our brand in front of many potential real estate buyers.


Firstly, you need a Facebook account or Instagram then with a token of 1,500 Naira for registration and most importantly a device that you can use to access the internet and you’re certainly on your way to earning grand incomes every month!

HOW Marketplace Works?

We at Douceur Marketplace will give you an account for a token of 1,500 Naira. Why do we charge you 1,500 Naira? Because, according to experience & long time research; anything that comes free is never taken seriously!

A simple math will show you the most possible earning rate with Douceur Marketplace.

Lets take for instance that you decide to share at least three (3) contents from our Marketplace on a daily basis:

3 Marketplace product x 250 Naira= 750 Naira daily

750 Naira x 7days = 5,250 Naira

5,250 Naira x 4 weeks in a month = 21,000 Naira at the end of an earning month.

Douceur Marketplace Connections.

Douceur Marketplace is a subdivision of Angel Douceur a company whose sole aim is to create a space for investors & smart-workers to co-exist in the income sphere. Angel Douceur deals in general merchandise. We have created a two income generator with one of them known as the Angel Douceur Investment & the other known as Douceur Marketplace.


With a token of 1500 Naira, you get an opportunity of earning from 5000 Naira to over 40,000 monthly from the comfort of your home.

Join us today & earn good from this year & beyond. Your destiny is in your hand, choose to live better!